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Original Conference 2016 Promo – BTS

This year marks year 10 for the Original Women’s Conference at Rockford First Church.  And it’s going to be huge!  This last week I had the opportunity to make a promo video for the conference that looks like this:

It was a fun project and can be easily described by three words:  Keyframes, Keyframes, Keyframes.  My editing style tends to veer towards fast cuts and edited to the beat of a song.  (See any wedding video in the weddings tab for examples).  But for this project, instead of just cuts, I thought it would be more interesting to have some movement between each clip and also play with some of the shapes found in the magazine.


The entire piece was put together in After Effects.  Each clip is viewed by a camera moved by keyframes, a secondary camera was created to help position and mask each clip by seeing the whole scene from a birds eye perspective.  Imagine if you were laying out pictures on the floor and moving a physical camera to each picture.  It’s a little like that.  Here’s a glimpse of what it looked like behind the scenes.

Also!  If you’re a lady and haven’t registered for this conference yet!  Get on it!  Because this one is going to be crazy amazing!  Get more info here: