Monthly Archives: October 2014


That one time I faked this jump in Garden of the Gods.

There’s nothing more thrilling AND nerve-racking for a creative than reaching beyond your grasp.  If you’re like me, then good isn’t good enough.  I’ve developed a habit of getting myself in situations where I have to deliver a product that I have no idea how to do.  It all starts with the phrase, “That’s cool but do you know what would be REALLY cool, what if we…”  Then I’m trapped.  Locked into an idea that was blurted out with boyish excitement not realizing what it might take to complete it.  Just about every time I do this, there’s a moment where I kick myself for opening my big mouth.  But in the end there has yet to be a time where I regret it.  Yes, every time I complete a project that starts this way there has always been something about it that drives me absolutely crazy.  “If I would have shot it this way” “I should have thought of this”  “I wish I had just little more time to do this…”  There’s always something.  However, I have always learned something new.  Some new way to edit.  A new perspective on the message of the project.  Something new about myself.  It’s all about the challenge.  It’s all about the question, “Do I have what it takes.” 

Can you relate?  Do you put yourself in situations where you are looking for that answer?  Are you reaching beyond your grasp?  How do you grow?  How do you get better?  If you find yourself saying, “I don’t”  Then I suggest you accept the challenge and TAKE THE LEAP.