After I graduated high school, I got a job installing granite counter tops.  It was a summer job that was meant to pay for school. The job wasn’t what I wanted to do long term, but I liked it.  Work started early, which was ok, because I got to sleep on the way to job sites, and that meant at least an extra hour of sleep.  My best friends also worked there, which made it nearly impossible not to get fired when working together.  After a while, I started to get used to the pace of the job.  Mainly, the challenging part was the grunt work of carrying large pieces of granite into homes from the trailer; other than that it was pretty easy.

As I stumbled into the shop each morning passing some fellow co-workers, I would ask one in particular, “How’s it going?”  Every morning he would give me the same answer, “Eh, same crap, different day.”  At first, I laughed it off in agreement, because, you know, misery loves company.  But after a while, when he responded the same way each day, I started to think, “That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.”  Why would you do something day in and day out that you weren’t excited to do.

Honestly, it’s easier said than done.

Like I said earlier, misery loves company.  Whether that’s complaining about how things are with fellow co-workers or allowing your thoughts to go rampant towards the negative.  It’s easy to let things become mundane or just plain meh.  New beginnings are exciting.  But new beginnings eventually turn into the familiar.  If you do something long enough, it becomes the same ole same ole.  Or… “Same crap, different day.”

In any job, there’s gonna be crap you don’t want to do.  There’s a reason it’s called, “work”.  It’s not about changing jobs or changing bosses or changing companies, it might be more about changing what you believe.  Because, if you’re able to find something that challenges you, something you can become passionate about, or something that you can feel strong in at the end of the task, then that, “Same crap, different day” mind-set becomes more of an energizing, “what’s next?!”