I Am Bigger Than This Mountain

In September 2015, I had the amazing opportunity to work on a creative film project for Rockford Fist Church that took climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.  I’ve climbed a few larger mountains in Colorado that were “Fourteeners” (mountains with a summit elevation of 14,000 feet or greater) but Kilimanjaro was a different beast!  This was bucket-list material!  Mt. […]

Christmas 2015 – A Case Study

Sometimes inspiration comes from places you least expect when you least expect.  Having had the opportunity to work where I do, I’ve been really blessed to have a lot of creative freedom to projects we get to work on.  For any church, especially churches who love being creative in their messages, there are common seasons […]

Original Conference 2016 Promo – BTS

Original Conference 2016 Promo – BTS This year marks year 10 for the Original Women’s Conference at Rockford First Church.  And it’s going to be huge!  This last week I had the opportunity to make a promo video for the conference that looks like this: It was a fun project and can be easily described […]

You’re Welcome World

The world needs another blog, so… YOU’RE WELCOME WORLD.  This is going to be the best blog you’ll ever read.                 Well… probably not.  Truth is, I’ve been putting this off for a few years.  I’ve never been good at keeping a journal or writing consistently in any […]